Assembly Information

Bishop Roger L. Kaffer Assembly By-Laws:


Meeting Date, Time, and Place

1st Monday of every month (except the month’s where there’s a Holiday on Monday then it’s on Tuesday) @ 7:00 PM
Good Shepherd Council 5573’s Home, 15613 South Route 59, Plainfield, Illinois, 60544
Cook Your Own Steak Fry Held Every Month Beginning at 6:00 PM (Weather Permitting)
Officers’ meetings are even month’s @ 6:00 PM, prior to regular business meeting


Fourth Degree eligibility in the Knights of  Columbus is open to any Third Degree member in good standing from any Council.
NOTE:  Fourth Degree members must retain their memberships as Third Degree members in the local council to remain in good standing.

2019-2020 Officers

Faithful Friar: Fr. Karl Langsdorf
Faithful Navigator: Dan Wascher
Faithful Captain: Tim Mathias
Faithful Admiral: Joe Kunst
Faithful Pilot: Mike Pfeiffer
Faithful Comptroller: Michael Herbst
Faithful Purser: Bob Martin
Faithful Scribe: Robert Wirth
Faithful Inner Sentinel: Rick McCrea
Faithful Inner Sentinel: Glen Missaggia
Faithful Outer Sentinel: Russ Johnson
Faithful Outer Sentinel: Dave Nemmers
Faithful Trustee 1st year Gary Lojkutz
Faithful Trustee 2nd year Robert Salek
Faithful Trustee 3rd  year Kevin Fischer

As Knights of the Patriotic Degree let our Officers this year guide us unwaveringly to what is right and honorable.  Work to keep God in the civic arena, serve the Church, and defend the laws that recognize the sanctity of life and true religious liberty.

~Vivat Jesus~