Monthly Business Meeting

1st Monday of every month @ 7:00 PM

Good Shepherd Council 5573’s Home

15613 South Route 59, Plainfield, Illinois, 60544

Cook Your Own Steak Fry Held Every Month Beginning at 6:00 PM (Weather Permitting)
Officers’ meetings are even month’s @ 6:00 PM, prior to regular business meeting

Congratulations to our newly elected 2023-2024 Officers

Installation will be on June 17th at St. Francis Xavier
Faithful FriarRev. Karl Langsdorf
Faithful NavigatorJohn Thompson15732
Faithful CaptainRuss Johnson14283
Faithful PilotRay Esparza15732
Faithful ScribeEdward Harkins1599
Faithful PurserBob Martin10944
Faithful ComptrollerMike Herbst5573
Inner SentinelGary Lojkutz15732
Inner SentinelJorge Perez5573
Outer SentinelGlen Missaggia1599
Outer SentinelDave Myers14463
Faithful AdmiralMike Pfeiffer14463
Trustee 1st YearKevin Fischer5573
Trustee 2nd YearTIm Mathias1599
Trustee 3rd YearDan Wiest14463

Upcoming Events

No Events

Assembly Councils

#5573 Good Shepherd #10944 Bishop Kaffer  #12882 Our Lady of Knock 
Charter Council Charter Council Charter Council
John Provencher-GK Daniel Sawyer-GK Bill Wunderlich-GK
provomma91@gmail.com danielswyr@gmail.com.  JeffsREloans@gmail.com
Plainfield, IL Romeoville, IL  Minooka, IL
2nd & 4th Thursday – 7:30 PM 2nd Wednesday – 7:00 PM 4th Thursday – 7:00 PM
#14283 St. Francis Xavier #14463 God’s Divine Mercy #15713 St. Ignatius of Loyola
Charter Council Charter Council
Charles Allen-GK John Neville-GK Harry Blackburn-GK
crsallen@aol.com neville.jf@gmail.com hairyneen@gmail.com
Plainfield, IL Yorkville, IL Crest Hill, IL
2nd & 4th Thursday – 7:00 PM 2nd & 4th Wednesday – 7:30 PM 1st Tuesday – 7:00 PM
#15732 Holy Family #1599 Lemont
Raymund Esparza-GK Bill Doherty-GK
alkieresparzanoah@att.net wddoherty@gmail.com
Shorewood, IL Lemont, IL
3rd Tuesday – 7:00 PM